Good To The Last Blast!   

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What better way is there to show those special people in your life that you care than to scorch their taste buds with a Boiler Blast gift bucket or basket?  None that we know of.

Product Summary

· Select any two Boiler Blast Hot Sauces.

· Includes “Winter Heat Cookbook.”

· Select either a Bucket or Basket

· Direct Shipping and Gift Card also available.

Price: $ 24.99

The Boiler Blast Gift Bucket/Basket combines any two of our hot sauces in a distinctive gift package that is perfect for the hot heads in your life.   


We always hurt the ones we love!


Includes the Winter Heat Cookbook for inspiring new recipes and culinary creations that warm the heart and soul.


Order yours today!


We’ll mix and match any combination of our products to meet your needs.  Just call for a quote.

SKU/Item Number: BB-0061

Our gift buckets can also be filled with water or beer and used to extinguish small fires.

Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

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