Good To The Last Blast!   

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This sampler of all five of our hot sauces is the perfect pepper seasoning kit and compliments any kitchen. 

Pour them in to taste, stand back when serving and shout—Fire In The Whole!

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Includes All of the Following:

· Boiler Blast Green Jalapeno 6 oz.

· Boiler Blast Orange Cayenne 6 oz.

· Boiler Blast Red Habanero 5 oz.

· Boiler Blast White Garlic 5 oz.

· Boiler Blast GOLD Chipotle 5 oz.

· “Winter Heat” Cookbook.


Price: $44.99

Fire In The Whole!


Add these sauces individually or in combination to your meals for incredible flavor and spice combinations. 


Inspired from Pat’s “Fire In The Whole” chili recipe where the taste of three or more peppers are used for timed heat release in every spoonful.   Have fun mixing your own spicy concoctions with a complete arsenal of pepper flavor with mild to searing heat. 


Are you a chef looking for a source of tasty heat?  This is the foundation of adding fun to foods with peppers.  Order your Boiler Blast variety pack today!

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A full array of flavorful Boiler Blast Hot Sauces in one package.

Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

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