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Garlic is considered the most popular and widely used spice in the world.  Rich in vitamins and packed with flavor, it provides the perfect herbal base for a very useful seasoning sauce.


Product Summary

· Garlic Base.

· 200,000 or less Scoville Units.

· Rated 7 on a 1-10 Heat Scale.

· Size: 5 ounce glass bottle.

Price: $6.99


Garlic adds a distinctive flavor to nearly any dish and provides a herbal foundation to build a tantalizing array of incredible sauces upon.  This sauce has a habanero base that does not skimp on the heat!


Boiler Blast—Garlic White is an ideal kitchen sauce to bring the distinctive taste of garlic to foods and dishes without a press or mess.  Use drops, shake or pour generously to add medicinal magic to your next meal.


White as the driven snow and bringing an avalanche of herbal taste—Boiler Blast Garlic White sauce!

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Garlic cloves are packed with taste and healthy nutrients. 

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Habanero Peppers in a Garlic Sauce!

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