Good To The Last Blast!   

Price: $ 5.99


Boiler Blast is available in FIVE tasty varieties and in the following gift configurations.  Postage or shipping is extra.  Pay with your credit card through Paypal.  More info below.

Text Box: Boiler Blast Green (Jalapeno) - Our original hot sauce with 3,000 to 5,000 Scovilles of heat (4-5 rating).  Ideal for spicing foods, snacks and adding delightful pepper flavor without searing heat in a 6 fl.oz. bottle.

Green Japaleno Blend

Price: $ 5.99


Text Box: Boiler Blast Orange (Cayenne) -  The heat is turned up with this delightful cayenne pepper blend ranging from 30,000—50,000 Scovilles of heat (8 rating).  Flavor and plenty of heat in a 6 fl. oz. bottle

Orange Cayenne Blend

Price: $ 6.99


Text Box: Boiler Blast Red (Habanero) -  Glowing heat that only the habanero pepper can deliver—with great pepper taste!  Ranging from 200,000—300,000 Scovilles and a 9 heat rating—bottled 5 fl. oz. at a time.

Red Habanero Blend

Price: $ 6.99


Boiler Blast White (Garlic) -  White as the driven snow yet warm with flavorful heat. The hot sauce is an ideal compliment to any dish that needs awakening with garlic flavor.  6 fl. oz. of white heat.

White Garlic Blend

Price: $44.99


All five Boiler Blast Hot Sauces with our “Winter Heat” Cookbook.  Give the gift of heat or be prepared to season anything to taste with a full arsenal of searing flavor. 

Fire In The Whole !!

Price: $24.99


Two bottles of Boiler Blast (your choice) in a fire bucket or gift basket with our Winter Heat Cookbook.  Friends, family, customers or guests?  Burn ‘em if you got ‘em with this unforgettable gift basket/bucket. 

Boiler Blast Gift Basket

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Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

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Boiler Blast Winter Cookbook

We should have won the Pulitzer Prize for this 40+ plus page Winter Heat Cookbook loaded with delicious recipes.  You don’t need wood or gas to stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer!  A book that burns you! 


Price: $5.99







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Chipotle GOLD Blend

Boiler Blast Chipotle GOLD (Blend) - Roasted jalapeno and habanero pepper blend with caramelized onions. A pepper condiment with sweet tasty heat that will have you looking in the fridge for something to pour all 5ozs. on!.


Price: $ 6.99