Good To The Last Blast!   

When snow and avalanches closed all the passes and roads to and from Silverton during the winter of 2004-05, Boiler Blast Hot Sauce was used to replace milk for many of the town’s toddlers.  Aiden Swonger, seen here, grew substantially that winter and said his first word—WATER!

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We’re out in the sticks.  Drive any direction from town and you’ll cross at least one pass 10,700 feet or higher, probably two.  That’s why a lot of people will just...

Call: 1-970-387-5857


Phones and the internet work most of the time— unless an avalanche has knocked down the towers or lines like this past winter.  The mail always arrives sooner or later, so try:..

Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

P O Box 241

Silverton, CO 81433

You can order by mail, phone, on the internet or catch us on the street in Silverton to save delivery charges.


Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

P. O. Box 241

Silverton, CO 81433


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Phone: 970-387-5857


Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

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Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or we’ll light Everclear on your tongue and back a train over it.    We’re honest and fair in saying you will probably get burned on this deal… how badly depends on what you order.
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