Good To The Last Blast!   

Much to their delight, the Swonger’s accidental discovery proved that the not-so-ordinary pepper held untapped power and energy as an elixir.

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Winters are long and the snows pile deep in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.  It was during a fierce winter storm in Silverton that the idea first came to Patrick and Amy Swonger…

 … that it may be possible to capture the essence of steam locomotive power in a liquid form. 

As the storm raged outside for days, they tried various concoctions using wood, coal and other combustible materials—but to no avail.  Tired, cold and exhausted they were about to give up, when by accident a pepper was dropped into their base formula and ...BOOM!

A southwestern taste sensation was born!

After cleaning up the debris, standing down the Silverton Volunteer Fire Department and a regional HAZMAT team they conducted further experiments.  In time, they refined a secret formula using the organic heat of capsicum as found in natural peppers, to produce Boiler Blast Hot Sauces.  With reddened faces and excessive endorphins they set out to bring their discovery to the world but found themselves snowed in for three more months.

Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

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Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

Neighbors quickly noticed that the snow had receded from around the Swonger’s house and grew suspicious. Word spread like wildfire around town and bottles of Boiler Blast were quietly handed out to avoid trouble.  Soon most of the town was dragged into a steamy conspiracy of heat.

Once the trains started running again, word got to the rest of the world -finally there were hot sauces with great pepper flavor and variable heat.  The legend of Boiler Blast Hot Sauces was born and then grossly exaggerated to increase sales and lure unsuspecting tourists to town.   

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