Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

Good To The Last Blast!   

Peppers smolder in our sauces like the embers in the firebox of a K-37 locomotive.  We have a range of pepper and herb based sauces with varying degrees of heat to suit any taste or cooking need.  

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Ever wonder what it takes to push 20 tons of steel and hundreds of people up thousands of feet of elevation in the Rocky Mountains?  If you’ve ever traveled on a narrow gauge mountain railroad  you’d know.  It takes heat in the boiler and a lot of it, to power a steam locomotive.

Boiler Blast ® Hot Sauces  from Silverton Seasonings capture the essence of pure high-altitude steam power in every bottle …

… with a tasty blend of peppers that smolder like embers in the firebox of a K-37 locomotive.

Our hot sauces are an ideal addition to your roundhouse bringing pepper flavor to any dish.  Use Boiler Blast Hot Sauces generously on and in foods and snacks, wherever and whenever you want to add heat or let off some steam.

Pull life’s steepest grades with ease, or just put a little spring in your step for when the going gets tough.   It’s been said that you can close your eyes and bring back that euphoric feeling of riding the narrow rails of a mountain railroad with every taste. 

All Aboard!  Enjoy!

Boiler Blast Hot Sauces

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